The Monza National Racetrack  is an international track in Monza Park. The track is famous the world over as each year it is the venue for the Formula 1 race which has been organized by the Milan Automobile Club almost continuously since 1922. It was the Milan Automobile Club which decided to have a racetrack for international competitions and  technical tests for the various Italian car makers.   In 1955 the original track was integrated with the high-speed ring which was used for the Italian Grand Prix races from 1955 to the early 70s but only for minor races  The track is used for the Formula I and other car races but also for the annual Superbike Grand Prix which is another very popular event.
The track’s position inside the Monza Park makes it unique, and the location is also a popular choice for events, meetings, and performances of all kinds including musical events. Fashion shops, a library and the park make the atmosphere quite unique for a sporting location of these dimensions.

Guests can ask staff at reception in the Euro Hotel Residence, a hotel which is close to the Monza racetrack, if they wish to purchase special discounted entrance tickets to the racetrack or plan visits to the sports grounds.   The track is just 5 kilometres from the hotel, and in fact the Euro Hotel Residence is the ideal location for leisure stays and sporting holidays.     

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