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Euro Hotel Residence is partner and premium sponsor of the Vero Volley Monza consortium. The constant interaction with some of the most important Monza Sports Clubs, as well as being a source of great pride for us, is also a daily training ground that has taught us how to better manage services from every point of view. For teams and athletes, professionals and amateurs.

  • Monza international circuit

    In 1922, in the space of only 110 days, Monza Circuit was built in the north-western area of ​​the park, to host sports competitions and experiments in the automotive field. Since then, except for the war period and the 1980 edition, it has always been the site of the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix, becoming one of the world's symbolic races.

  • Volley

    Euro Hotel Residence is happy to be able to support a unique reality in Italy for volleyball and sports culture such as the Vero Volley Consortium, which counts numerous volleyball teams among its ranks, junior and pro women’s and men’s teams in search of the best national and international sports results, while leaving basic and young people activities at the center, which remains the truest sense of sport.

  • Golf

    Over the years, golf has increased exponentially its popularity and its number of players. And today it is one of the sports that moves the greater number of fans around Italy and the world, in search of suggestive routes and new tracks, to practice this sport in complete contact with nature.

    Discover all the golf courses near the hotel!

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